Anja Lineen, Menopause Coach.

Knowledge and understanding go a long way to making women feel heard and seen at a time when confidence can take a knock.

Anja Lineen

For over 17 years I have worked extensively with women as a Personal Trainer and Menopause Coach, and have presented to companies on topics such as sleep, wellbeing, stress management, and women's health.


As a menopause coach, I educate women on how they can make better lifestyle choices to manage their menopausal transition.


Working with Menopause Friendly Australia, we help businesses become menopause friendly.  Through education managers and supervisors gain a better understanding of menopause so that they can better support their staff members (should they want support) as they transition this phase of life.

I am passionate about removing the stigma around menopause.  

Every woman will go through this hormonal change (think of it like the flip side of puberty) and the symptoms can be debilitating.  

Women in their 40s and 50s are typically reaching the peak of their careers, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition to the workplace.  However, extreme menopause symptoms can see women either forego promotion or leave the workplace altogether.


of women experiencing severe symptoms said they considered retiring or taking a break from work.


of women experiencing menopause find that managing work during their menopausal transition was ‘challenging’.


Only 3% of women felt that they had excellent support from their workplace during menopause, 60% said it was poor or below average.


Employees who positively rated their business’ commitment to wellness were 63% more likely to be loyal.

Menopause affects everyone.  

By breaking taboos and barriers through learning and communication, everyone stands to gain.

By providing education and support, women have been shown to remain at work, benefiting not only the company in a retained resource, but also boosting their confidence and productivity.

Lady in grey suit presenting at whiteboard

Working with Menopause Friendly Australia, Anja helps organisations and individuals improve workplace conditions through menopause education and training