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Equipping you with the knowledge to manage your menopause naturally 

Unpause:The natural menopause program

Are you over 40 and starting to notice some changes?  
Is it your sleep, hot flushes, brain fog or that dreaded extra padding around your waist?

Unpause is designed to equip you with the knowledge to manage your menopause naturally.  

You will learn what to eat, to feel better and loose belly fat; discover how to get a good night's sleep again; what exercise is best for you; what to do to protect your heart, bone and brain health; how to harness the power of your mindset and how to implement changes to manage your symptoms.

Every one of us is different so we each have our own experience of menopause.  It’s how we act that matters.

So if you are ready to take control of your health and wellbeing, you’re in the right place.  I am here to guide you, support you and encourage you to live your best life.


Explore our program

After this program you will have the skills to make choices that matter to you to help you minimise your symptoms and give you back your confidence.

Work through the modules at your own pace

Discover why your symptoms happen and what you can do to address this

Start to see and feel results immediately

Unpause | The natural Menopause program

What is covered

1. The Jump Start

We will look at the main symptoms of menopause and what you can do now to start feeling better.

You will examine your expectations based on family history, society and personal experience, and how these will affect your experience.

Tools: learn what to do to start making changes NOW

2 Hormones 101

Hormones regulate everything in the body and the fluctuations during the menopausal years are responsible for your symptoms.  

You will learn how hormones affect your life and how your lifestyle affects hormones.

Tools: learn what blood tests you need and what they mean

3. Help! Where did my waist go?

Ditch the scales and learn to love the tape measure in this module.  We will take a closer look at what, how and when to eat and what affect that has on hormones. 

- Learn what foods and drinks to cut back on and why.

- Discover the health reasons for losing weight and how to do that without dieting (yes, really!)

- We examine metabolic syndrome, alzheimers, diabetes and dementia and how waist measurement is linked to these conditions.

- Discover the importance of gut health for overall health, hormone levels and immunity.

Tools: learn what to eat and why

4. zzzz, time to sleep

Possibly one of the most important factors for good health, sleep disruptions can be dramatic during menopause.  

If you have ever suffered sleep deprivation, you will know how debilitating it can be.

In this module we discuss why it’s so important and learn how to maximise your sleep quality and quantity.  

Tools:  what to do to optimise your rest and relaxation

5. Move more, feel better - finding the joy in exercise

Exercise is key during this time of change.  

In this module we examine the best types of exercise for this time of life and why it’s so important to keep moving (hint: it’s more than just fitness).  

We look at bone, heart and brain health and how flexibility can help minimise the risk of heart disease.

Tools: learn the best exercise, stretches and movements for this time of change

6. From argh! to ahhhh!

In this module, discover what stress does to the body – the good and the bad.

Look at triggers and how to manage reactions

Tools: learn to identify your stressors and how to moderate stress levels in the body

7. Mind over matter

Your body is listening to your thoughts - Deepak Chopra

In this module we examine the power of the mind and why success depends on harnessing our thoughts.

We will look at mindfulness, mindset and meditation and how these can be powerful tools in your wellbeing toolkit.

Tools: learn to harness the power of your mind for positive change

8. Time to clean up your act 

In this module we will look at environmental factors that impact your health and wellbeing.  

Tools: discover the best products to use, and what to avoid and why.

lifetime access for just: AUD$947

*incl of GST

Money Back guarantee

We are so confident that our programs are effective when adhered to and completed that we will give you your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with your program.  Simply email us your notes, show us proof that you completed each section as directed as well as any documentation demonstrating the lack of results.

Unpause: The Menopause Naturally Program

  • manage or even eliminate symptoms
  • boost your confidence
  • take control of your body and mind

Account setup instructions may be found here.

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