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Unpause: The Natural Menopause Program

This program is designed to equip you with the knowledge to manage your menopause naturally.  You will learn a range of exercises, nutritional hacks, mindset and sleep techniques to try, implement and manage your symptoms.

Every one of us is different so we each have our own experience of menopause.

After this program you will have the skills to make choices that matter to you to help you minimise your symptoms and give you back your confidence.

Rock THAT Frock

This 6 week step-by-step transformational program is a comprehensive weight loss program designed to help you break free of sugar cravings and discover a way of eating based on fresh, wholesome food.  

Includes daily meals plans, recipes, targeted workouts, support and inspiration, it's easy to follow and best of all we've done all the planning for you!

Fitness Classes

Pilates, Barre, HIIT.  Group fitness classes - face to face and online classes available.  

We are a fitness community with the Personal Training touch. Exercise is about mental as well as physical health and with Anja, you get both at each session you attend. 

10 Week Kickstart

Reset new habits with this 10 week get back on track challenge designed to boost energy levels. The program includes weekly emails with mini challenges each week.  These will address all areas of wellbeing from exercise, to mindset, sleep and nutrition.

Tailored Program

Looking for more ? Get in touch to find out about our personalised 1-1 programs.


Corporate Wellness Program

Increase staff satisfaction and retention levels with our training programs.  

- Teach managers to better understand female employees going through menopause

- Educate female staff about menopause and how to manage it naturally

- Offer fitness solutions to suit all staff

We can tailor a program to suit your company's needs. Let's chat. 

I suspected I might be in peri-menopause.  Working with Anja confirmed it and helped me put natural solutions in place.


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Link to the Wellbeing Toolkit's Unpause: The Natural Menopause Program

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Select the Wellbeing Toolkit's Rock THAT Frock program

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