Create a menopause-friendly workplace.

Anja works as an associate and trainer with Menopause Friendly Australia helping businesses become  menopause-friendly workplaces through education and training to help boost engagement, reduce costs and retain staff.

Menopause symptoms can make work more challenging than usual. Providing education and support can help menopausal women and their employers navigate this stage.

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Menopause Friendly Workplace.

Why it's time to start the conversation

With menopause typically starting around age 40 and lasting to the mid 50’s, it intersects at a critical career stage for many women and can impact a woman’s confidence, self-esteem, energy and performance.  

The impacts can be so far reaching that every facet of a woman’s life is affected, from her relationships, work, family, community and her own self-worth.   

In a workplace context, menopausal symptoms can be so severe and frequent that they affect women’s engagement, satisfaction and commitment to their work.

In fact, 8% of women leave the workforce due to menopausal symptoms, with many turning down promotions due to lack of confidence or fear of symptoms affecting their ability to work effectively.

“Menopause is estimated to cost women more than $17 billion year in lost earnings and super” source: ABCNews

What does this mean for your organisation?

A 2021 study in the UK found women at work experienced: 


Hot flushes


Tiredness or drowsiness


Low mood


Struggling to concentrate


Trouble with their memory 

By providing menopause education and support, women have been shown to remain at work, benefiting not only the company in a retained resource, but also boosting their confidence and productivity.

Support women in leadership

A menopause friendly business can help women fulfil their career goals, while setting the example for younger women who aspire to leadership.

Retain experienced staff

Women in their 40’s – 50’s bring years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the workplace.  Retaining these key staff members will profit the business too.

Diversity and inclusion

Menopause affects half the population and needs to be part of the workplace agenda.


Yes, women experience menopause, but everyone is affected.

Stand out from the crowd and lead the way in your industry by providing menopause training and education for staff.

How we can help you

Flexible and accessible face-to-face, online or on-demand sessions to improve workplace conditions through menopause education and training. 

Education and training solutions

  • Just press play: on demand training
  • Manager and colleague training
  • Downloads, posters, videos for staff access

Organisations Anja has worked with: 

Anja Lineen, Menopause Coach focuses on natural menopause management and physical fitness - inspiring women to positively boost their wellbeing and live their best lives. 

Knowledge and understanding go a long way to making women feel heard and seen at a time when confidence can take a knock.

Menopause affects everyone.  By breaking taboos and barriers through learning and communication, everyone stands to gain. Anja helps organisations and individuals improve workplace conditions through menopause education and training. 

Anja Lineen - The Wellbeing Toolkit

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