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Welcome  lovely lady! I am so excited to welcome you into the Wellbeing Toolkit. I am here for YOU. To celebrate your wins. To help you through the tough days, because, let’s face it, we all have them sometimes. I can’t promise that this journey is always going to be easy
But I can promise you that it will be worth it. For YOU, your mental and physical health. 

You’ll hear me say this quite often:
Your Choices Matter
Choose wisely
Choose for YOU

So Congratulations on taking this step and joining me. 

Anja xx


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With Unpause: the natural menopause program you will learn how to manage your menopause naturally.

Over 8 modules you will build your personalised toolkit of strategies to minimise and even eliminate your menopausal symptoms.

Whether you’re in peri-menopause (the lead up to menopause, starting from age 40), or in the full swing of menopause, this program is designed for you.

You will discover how your experience of menopause can be affected by your:
– sleep
– diet
– exercise
– stress management
– mindset and how to manage all of the above to make this time of change one to be celebrated. Find the joy in your confidence and vitality to live a full, fun life.

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A 7 day program to get you started on the path to making great food choices so that you can rediscover your waist line and boost your chances of long term health.

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