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beware the little bit

Beware the “little bit”

If you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll have heard me say this.

It’s one of my favourite sayings, because it’s so true.

So, why did I forget it myself?

The back story:

Last week I was heading out to catch up with friends and pulled on my jeans, only to discover they were rather more snug around my hips and thighs than the last time I wore them… .
I felt really uncomfortable all night – I really dislike tight jeans when they aren’t meant to be tight.

Now if I’m honest, I have been expecting this to happen because I have been having a lot of “little bits” in the last couple of months.

With birthdays, neighbours bringing cake, breakfasts getting a bit bigger, snacks a bit more frequent, I have been having “little bits” rather more often than normal.

And therein lay my problem: more often than normal.

The “little bit” is what we allow ourselves when we have exercised, been eating a nutritious balanced diet and exercising regularly. It’s the small indulgent treat.

And that’s just fine.

IF (yes, capital letters IF)

If, you can stick to a “little bit”

More often than not, it becomes “a little bit more”, and “a little bit more again”. Before you know it, you’ve had way more than you intended to. And this applies to healthy foods as well as treats.
When I looked back over the last few months, my breakfast had become a little bigger and my snacks more frequent. I tend to eat a clean diet on the whole, but we can still over-do the good stuff.

Fast forward a week: my breakfasts have switched to two poached eggs on a small piece of sourdough (I cut the large slices in half before freezing) which is keeping me full until lunchtime (mid morning coffee is still in there) and I’ve been adding protein to my lunches to keep me going through the afternoon.

It works both ways

Just as small increases led to tighter jeans, these small reductions are helping me feel more in control and hopefully more comfortable in my jeans before my summer holiday.

Whilst I’m a fitness professional, and enjoy exercising, I’m trying to say that we can all put on weight if we loose focus, but by the same token, a bit of attention and considered eating can also help reverse the gains.

If you would like more information on managing your mid-life so that you can thrive now and into your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond, check out my programs. Click here or schedule a free 15 min call with me: click here to book.

Anja is a personal trainer with over 16 years industry experience. She is also a menopause champion, helping women navigate mid-life using lifestyle choices. Anja also works with Menopause Friendly Australia as a facilitator and trainer, helping workplaces gain Menopause Friendly accreditation.

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