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The discussion centres around menopause, with Anja focusing on education for both women and men. She emphasises promoting conversation about menopause to dispel misconceptions and to better deal with its effects. Anja speaks about how menopause can affect women in the workplace, highlighting the need for supportive management and colleagues. Additionally, she delves into the importance of lifestyle habits like exercise, diet and self-care for menopausal women, advocating for small, incremental changes to create sustainable improvement. There's also discussion on the importance of understanding personal health by getting regular blood tests for vitamin and mineral levels, recognising supporters, managing stress, and preserving brain health.

Bouncing Back Stronger podcast

Menopause Champion Anja Lineen with Sarah Jayne Vazquez from Bouncing Back Stronger 

The Growing Menopause Conversation

Anja Lineen joins the growing Menopause Conversation in her interview with The Post, Hornsby, Ku-ring-gai and Willoughby. 1 November 2023. 

The Post The Growing Menopause Conversation
What's New in Fitness Article

Menopause and Exercise: The Importance of Staying Active

Menopause Champion Anja Lineen published in What's New in Fitness - September 2023

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In this podcast

Manage menopausal transition through lifestyle choices including exercise, nutrition and mindset to minimise symptoms, leading to a healthier, vital life through menopause and beyond!

In this episode you’ll also hear:
– the importance of being intentional about the choices you can control
– what challenging symptoms may come up for you in perimenopause
– how to deal with the transition into menopause
– why it’s better to put healthier practices in place now
– normalising menopause in the workplace… and so much more!

Managing peri/menopause and beyond podcast

Menopause Champion Anja Lineen with Catherine Bowyer from happiness hive

Exercise for Menopause Relief Nourish Doc

Facebook Live with NourishDoc

Menopause Champion Anja Lineen chats with NourishDoc about exercise for menopause relief. 

Menopause for men - let's help them help us

The man in your life might be wondering what happened to the composed, rational lovely lady he used to spend time with. 
Show him this short video so that he can get a better idea of what you might be experiencing.
Use it as a conversation starter and ask for what you need to help you get through this transition time.
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