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Hi, I'm Anja

I help women make choices that matter to live their best life

Anja Lineen
My goal is to help women make choices that matter to them to allow them to live the kind of life they dream of.

Like so many women, I am many things to many people including business owner, coach, mother, wife, daughter, friend.

And I strive daily to be a friend to myself because that helps me to show up for the others who need me and depend on me.

“We often wait for kindness… but being kind to yourself can start now” - Charlie Mackesy
I’m the person women come to for the information, motivation and inspiration to make changes in their life that positively boost their wellbeing to put the joy back in life.

My goal for the Wellbeing Toolkit is to

Show women like you, how to put yourself first without guilt or shame

Show you that looking after yourself, your health (mental and physical) is the greatest form of self love

Middle age

What does that term mean to you? It can be scary, or liberating to grow older.

Changes start to happen, noticeably to our bodies. 

And that’s OK: it’s the way things are meant to be.   It’s how we act that matters.

So, if you are ready to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to take control of your health and wellbeing, you’re in the right place.  I am here to guide you, support you and encourage you to live your best life.


Getting to know Anja a little better...

1.  What I feel strongly about?

2. What I am not about?

3. Where you can find me?

4. What my daily rituals are?


My take on the important stuff...

Spring or Autumn?


Beach or Mountains?


Morning or Evening?


TV or Reading?


Coffee or Tea?


Cats or Dogs?


Sweet or Savoury?


My Qualifications

Bachelor of Commerce
Cert III and IV in Fitness and Personal Training
Diploma in Direct Marketing
3rd Age Women's Wellness: Peri to Post Menopause Certification
Barre Attack Instructor
Certificate in Nutrition for Weightloss
Studio Pilates Instructor
Punchfit Instructor


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